Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Counterfeiters Strike In Egypt - Remember, Fakes Are For Frauds! - 17/08/10

The focus is in Egypt today as more news has reached us of a vast criminal counterfeiting community. The poor in Egypt are being granted ‘luxury’ goods, with a genuine Cartier ring priced at only $8, hold on, who are they kidding…

As elitist as it sounds, luxury is not for everybody, and that is a reality. Whilst people may one day aspire to own a Cartier, Bulgari or Chanel piece, like the millions others who want the same, it might not be possible, in this lifetime at least.

For manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit goods they are feeding a vulnerable and not so vulnerable audience to buy into the dream of luxury. But what dream we ask? One of fake gold, incorrect logos and packaging (if there even is packaging), and of course the list goes on.

The affordable imitation of precious metal being sold in Egypt is called ‘Chinese gold’, but as the real gold in Egypt is becoming more expensive for the vast majority of people, this new ‘Chinese gold’ is too. But what is really happening behind the counterfeiting industry? The money earned from the sale of such goods as the Cartier ring, is feeding criminal industries including drugs, weapons and prostitution. Unfortunately the majority of people buying into this industry (especially Egypt where 40% of the population earn less than US$2.00 per day), are unaware, or worse, choose to ignore this growing issue.

For counterfeiters to make a successful entry into Egypt with its population of 80 million is to line the pockets of the unsavoury business people operating in this ever growing, hard to control industry. It’s sad but true. So what is the answer? Education, education, education!

What we need is for everyone, from Egypt to Australia and the world over, to think that their 'counterfeit' product purchase 'does' count and it is fuelling this evil business. It is simple- think and act. Just don't do it, you are adding to the problem, no matter how small or inexpensive your purchase. It all counts.

Image credit: Cartier

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