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Chanel A 'Dusty' Brand? We Think Not - 16/08/10

Mark Ritson is an associate professor of marketing, an award-winning columnist and a consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands, yet his latest statement about CHANEL being a ‘dusty’ brand has got us in disagreement, with the focus of Ritson’s argument claiming that CHANEL clientele are growing older every day.

Respecting Mark's pedigree, we have to disagree largely to his comments given CHANEL is a true luxury brand and therefore is not available in every city, region, town or country. To compare CHANEL to Louis Vuitton in terms of distribution is not comparing apples with apples. Louis Vuitton has always been the pioneering brand, yet they are certainly more commercial than CHANEL.

CHANEL has been very considered in their growth and don't necessarily want to keep up with the Jones'. Whilst we're on the 'fence' about comments discussing whether the CHANEL store at Bondi Junction is right for the brands image, the eastern suburbs of Sydney certainly does stay in line with the company's profile.

Ritson’s comments are ‘global' with Australia being part of the Asia Pacific region and with China not far away, yet the age of CHANEL consumers in this part of the world would certainly not fit into his statement of “the clientele looks older to me on each visit.” We think his opinion may change should he spend some time in a CHANEL store in Australia, where the clientele are a mix of cultures and ages.

CHANEL works with artisans and takes a bespoke approach to a lot of its manufacturing processes and whilst the prices are not inexpensive, it makes sense that more ‘mature clientele’ are loyal followers of the brand, having more money as they have more experience. This success over the years lends itself to the average shopper being between 38-42* years old.

*MO Luxury Client Fulfilment Ranking Report 2010- research report May 2010.

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