Friday, 20 February 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, The Service Gets Better – 20/2/09

Due to the global downturn, luxury brands can no longer afford to scare customers away. Gone are the days when sales assistants at exclusive designer boutiques wouldn’t even give ‘less desirable’ customers the time of day. Now, most brands are bending over backwards to sell anything to anyone.

An entertaining Wall Street Journal article, Polite Is The New Snobby, suggested high-end retailers have definitely changed their tune. They interviewed a sales clerk at a London Miu Miu boutique who was encouraged by her manager “to make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are, even if they clearly looked like someone who couldn’t afford to buy anything.”

Personally we love the new and improved service. Luxury brands should always welcome customers with open arms – even the obvious window shoppers – because everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives. And plus, you never know whether that lady in her old tracksuit (or sweatsuit as they say in the USA) is a billionaire in disguise!

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