Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Apple Lead The Way As A Key Luxury Brand - 18/5/10

It all comes down to a unique customer experience with the latest findings by the Luxury Institute on Sony vs Apple. The results proved that both brands brought distinctive experiences to the consumer, yet Apple came out on top in the cool stakes, with users describing Apple as “truly unique and exclusive.”

Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute’s CEO explains “Although Apple did not set out to be a luxury brand, it exhibits most of the qualities that luxury brands should strive for in the 21st century.”

Pedraza further establishes Apple as a leading luxury brand in today’s competitive market, “Apple delivers fabulous product design, unbeatable functionality, and a powerful in-store experience to consumers of all ages that many luxury brands lack. And when it comes to the ‘cool factor’ and a guru CEO, Apple is untouchable. Luxury brands could do worse than borrow a page or two from Apple’s playbook.”

We couldn’t agree more. On a local basis we see the incredible power that Apple has in the market, yet Apple’s unique relationship with other global luxury brands is where the brand sets itself apart from its competitors.

Louis Vuitton is a clear example of this unique relationship. The ever innovative brand recently created a fashion conscious iPad cover which is set to be released in New York this Friday. With the dual release of the diamond encrusted limited edition gold iPad (priced at AUD $227,794.00), we feel the exclusive Louis Vuitton alligator print iPad case would be a perfect luxury match.

With Louis Vuitton set to open a megastore in 2011 which will sit across the road from the Apple store in Sydney’s CBD, it seems this perfect match is not a coincidence. Even across the country in Perth, Apple has proven its popularity and pulling power once again, with increased interest from other premium end brands surrounding the upcoming launch of an Apple store in the heart of the city.

It will be interesting to see which other premium or luxury brands jump at the chance to be associated with Apple’s unique branding.

Image credit: online.wsj.com

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