Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shipwrecked In Style 7/9/10

To anyone who doesn’t think that you get what you pay for: divers have just recovered 200-year old bottles of champagne from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. We think this is a lovely example of how luxury lasts.

70 bottles of champagne lie undamaged under 50m of water. The cargo was believed to have been heading to the Russian Imperial Court from France circa 1800- they are nearly as old as Australia! Preserved for 200 years on a seabed, each of the bottles is estimated to be worth tens of thousands of Euros. Most likely, just as they were back then– relatively speaking, of course. Champagne was certainly not a drink enjoyed by the common man. The fact is, luxury is an investment. Luxury brands like to talk about longevity and quality, its great to see such an irrefutable example. Back then, things were made to last, to stand the test of time. Nowadays, things are generally made to be disposable. Luxury is an art, and art is the expression of human creative skill. It lives forever. Perhaps the discovery of this champagne should be taken as a reminder of this, and celebrated over a glass of…

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