Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Giorgio Armani goes Gaga 29/9/10

We’ve seen all sorts of collaborations recently, Hermes with Wally, Lanvin with H&M. This one is of a different variety, but certainly intriguing nonetheless. Giorgio Armani will design costumes for Lady Gaga’s Italian concert in December. Its not a collection that will be available to the masses, but it may as well be- this partnership will be worth millions in publicity, not to mention the clothing. An effort to rejuvenate one of the oldest names in fashion, there is not a doubt in our minds that this performance will be as much about the outfits as the music. Clever move by Armani, obviously aware of the pressure on fashion houses to keep up with the times or fade away.

Lady Gaga is at the top of her game. Controversial, vibrant, catchy and, above all, enormously popular, there is a risk that they are pinning a reputation built and refined over hundreds of years, to a firecracker that could burn out at a moment’s notice. Gaga has risen with more speed than the entire Formula 1 racing season put together, but how long does she have at the top? Is it to big a leap for fans of the more traditional GA, and will it reek of ‘selling out?’

As far as we are concerned, you could ask the same question of any bold move that’s ever been made. Fashion critics haven’t looked to Armani for new trends for years. Giorgio is on to a good thing that’s all about right now. If you think about it, this collaboration will be immortalised in a single production, but will not last forever. Gaga does not need to last another season. What will last is Armani’s perception as edgy and creative. What will last, is a whole lot of attention.

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Joseph Shippee said...

MO & co.,

I think we were all waiting to see which designers would step up to the plate that Alexander McQueen had left behind. He had designed several things for Lady GaGa, and she very publicly spoke favorably about his design genius. So I'm very excited to see Mr. Armani rising to the occasion, which no doubt will inject a modern, young, pop culture vibe into the brand. As for the risk - GaGa has built herself into an international superstar, crossing borders and oceans - much like Armani has done in fashion. Fashion always rocks.

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