Saturday, 20 December 2008

Brands delay openings in Moscow - 18/12/08

Although some brands are saying delayed openings or decisions not to proceed with a new store opening(s) are unrelated to the economic crisis, we wonder if these 'no comments' are a way of keeping a 'foot on each side of the fence'. Ensuring the situation does not become a self-fulfilling prophecy, negative feeds negative. Also saying it is unrelated to the crisis shows subtly the brand is OK with its original plans for growth, however 'something' else is stopping this, i.e. we would if we could, but perhaps we can't, well right now at least.. Some brands are weathering the storm, in its early days, better than others, whilst some other fine jewellery brands have noted reduction in sales over the past months, the Boucheron store in Moscow is finding no change, thus far and saying that clients prefer jewellery over fashion.

Read more about this in the WWD article. It's amazing, how things change, Moscow, the new hot market which was still being talked up as recently as July with soaring commercial real estate prices and a haven of opportunity for new brands is pausing momentarily to see understand if this is just a blip on the radar or something more serious.

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